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Other Live Event Shoots

New Renaissance Video can also provide concert footage for a variety of live events. This can be a single camera shoot for documentation or a two or more camera shoot depending on your needs. New Renaissance Video shoots and edits nearly all live events for the Trans-Iowa Canal Company comedy troupe.

NRV normally does a one or two HD camcorder (Sony HXR-NX5U) shoot, edits the video material in post production then creates a DVD, Blu-ray or MP4 download via as a finished product. Physical media normally comes with media and case, chapter stops plus printed case exterior for a professional look.

NRV normally sells DVD's or Blu-ray's directly to the event or group so that they can sell the DVD's or Blu-Ray's to their performers. The per unit price to the event or group is normally around $15-$20 (+ $5 for Blu-ray) per unit for a 60-110 minute shoot with no money down for a two camera shoot. Single camera shoots starting at $10-$15 (+ $5 for Blu-ray) per unit. MP4 downloads cost $7.50 per performer in the group (flat fee only). A minimum order of 20 units is what NRV usually looks for to reserve a shoot date and the order is delivered in mass to your group.

Private Custom or Wedding Shoots: Privacy and confidentiality are assured for producers or actors who want a concert or show to be documented for their own personal use or for documentation. Rates for this purpose start at $500 for a 60-110 minutes shoot plus travel costs and accommodations.

Also "Standard" wedding shoots can also be done starting at $500 for a two camera shoot or $300 for a single camera shoot plus travel and other expenses. Contact Joe Struss at the above e-mail address for details.


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