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Dance Recital Shoots

Joe Struss (owner of New Renaissance Video) was a modern dancer mainly with Orchesis I at Iowa State from 1986 until he retired due to a back injury in 1999. Due to his strong background in dance, Joe seems to have a knack for putting together terrific dance concert/recital footage.

Joe Loves Doing Dance Recitals !

NRV normally does a one or two HD camcorder (Sony HXR-NX5U) shoot, edits the video material in post production then creates a DVD, Blu-ray or MP4 download via Physical media normally comes with media and case, chapter stops plus printed case exterior for a professional look.

NRV normally sells DVD's or Blu-ray's directly to the event or group so that they can sell the DVD's or Blu-Ray's to their performers. The per unit price to the event or group is normally around $15-$20 (+ $5 for Blu-ray) per unit for a 60-110 minute shoot with no money down for a two camera shoot. Single camera shoots starting at $10-$15 (+ $5 for Blu-ray) per unit. MP4 downloads cost $7.50 per performer in the group (flat fee only). A minimum order of 20 units is what NRV usually looks for to reserve a shoot date and the order is delivered in mass to your group.

If you are interested in having New Renaissance Video possibly shoot your next dance recital, please contact Joe Struss at Joe's e-mail. NRV is currently looking to add recital shoots both in central Iowa and in the surrounding areas.


Recent Shoots
Archon 38: Marsquerade-
Collinsville, IL on Oct. 4, 2014